Serendipity Ring, Size 7

Serendipity Ring, Size 7

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-Give your look a fresh edge with this original cluster ring. An unexpected arrangement of wood and crystal combine perfectly, creating a modern flower look. A prong setting holds this bouquet in place.
Material - Crystal
Color - Multi
Style Number - MARI047-7
Dimension - L:0" W:1" H:0"
Collection - Serendipity

Meet the Artisans

Jaipur is India’s mecca for jewelry. Established as a city-- the first planned city in India, by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in the early 18th century, it became a center for arts, crafts, and luxury. The world’s finest gems were brought here to be cut with precision, cleaned, and set in intricate designs.

Jai Singh II was an ardent lover of the arts; he commissioned the country’s most skilled artisans to produce jewelry for his court, emerald-studded swords for himself, and even adornments for his royal fleet of elephants.

While Jaipur has enjoyed its Renaissance of the arts for over 200 years, the once beloved city has now had to reckon with more global forces: mass production, mechanization, and fluctuating metal prices.

Despite these obstacles, a few jewelry makers in the Pink City still prefer to craft their designs by hand. The artisans, no longer just locals, come from east India, particularly West Bengal. Bengalis, known for their fine craftsmanship, especially when it comes to filing, polishing, and working with small, difficult-to-handle pieces, have flocked to Jaipur. The smaller boutiques have about 50 in-house artisans; others can be as large as 200.

Though the royals would have draped themselves in diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, today’s jewelry designers are much more experimental with their designs and stones. These include natural stones like chalcedony and agate, which are cut and colored into vivid hues.

Not only are they keen to try new stones, but also a variety of materials, such as horn, bone, and wood. These making for striking pieces.

Most interestingly, the jewelry designers are fusing techniques famous in India for decor items into bracelets, necklaces, and cuffs. For instance, for years, metal artisans in Moradabad have been hammering the metal to give it a textured effect. While this is common for a brass bowl, the same technique has been applied to metal cuffs, which have that lovely hammered texture.

Such experiments help keep alive traditional techniques but present them in a new, fresh manner.

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